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Thrive Counseling believes in the resilience and wellness of clients, and as a result does not inhibit or constrain clients with the permanence of a mental health diagnosis.  

Due to the freedom provided through this policy, third party payers are not charged for the fees accrued by clients.  

50 Minutes

The fees for Thrive Counseling are charged by the clinical hour, which is a 50-minute session.

75 Minutes

Families and couples have the option to meet for 90 minute sessions.

*Please inquire about our session rates and special group pricing.

It is the policy of Thrive Counseling that payment incurred for services rendered are due at the outset of each session. We accept payments via cash and credit card.

*Clients who fail to cancel any appointment prior to 24 hours before the scheduled time will be responsible for the full fee.

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